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Lifestyle 25/09/2008

Diet is a very strange thing. It varies from person to person, region to region, and from community to community. People have mixed ideas about it. But here are a few brief guidelines about a good diet to follow in our country.

Fruits and vegetables are essential. Citrus fruits like oranges and sweet lemons give Vitamin C, which is essential. Vegetables and their skins give roughage, which facilitate digestion. It is always a good idea to include lots of greens in the diet.

Carbohydrates are a must. Rice is our staple food, however, one can also eat rotis, and its various forms.

Chicken, fish, and mutton are consumed by non-vegetarians, but it can be replaced by soyabean and its products for vegetarians.

Water must always be drunk in good quantities, to prevent dehydration, and to help other functions of the body. Iron is an important mineral needed in the body, as is potassium.
In summer, it’s important to drink lots of fluids and juices, to keep the system well hydrated. In winter, one can drink soups. Milk is important- often, young children don’t like milk, but it can be given to them in more acceptable forms like kheer, pudding, etc.

Of course, there are sweet dishes too, Bengalis being especially known for their fondness for sweets. While sweets are mostly good for the system, they must be taken in moderate quantities. Big amounts of it can lead to stomach upsets.

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