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Lockdown has made the entire world to rest for a while. Everything has come to a standstill. But, fret not friends, the era of the internet has given us gazillions of perks which are worth exploring head-on.

Many employees are working from home and delivering their commitments. But, what about those models and artists who have struggled their life to give auditions for final selection. We know that this situation has locked them in a room and, they are not able to go for auditions and shoots.

We have a bunch of ideas that you must adopt during lockdown to increase your reach on the web and flaunt your career online.

Yes we are talking about digital marketing for models and artists.
It is the best time when you can work on yourself and your online presence.

Importance of Digital marketing for Models

Within past few years, the importance of digital marketing has become tremendous. It has now become an integral part of every business.

It’s no longer enough to have a website. You need the support of social media and a third party to speak about you and your work.

You need someone to get you noticed using various online methods.

How can you get started

  • Create/update your work profile. Contact the photographers/creative directors with whom you have worked. Request them for the pictures/videos of your work.
  • Collect data (email ids and phone numbers) of advertising photographers, casting directors, cordinators, casting agencies etc.
  • Create a professional and beautifully written writeup about yourself with all vital details and work you have done.
  • Use this writeup in an email, attach your latest work profile and your best pictures and video links. Send this to the data you collected.

This is just a small step. The actual wonders happen when some fashion website publishes an article about you.

For that you need to search for such websites and contact them personally by phone or email. You need to convince them that you are the next rising star.

Then you need to approach agencies etc. who can favour you by publishing your pictures and few words of praise on their social media handles.

Once this is done the next step is that you need to share these published articles/interviews on your social media profiles.
You need to request your friends to do the same.

More the shares more will be your chances of success.

The aim of digital marketing is to create a hype about you. Also, it makes sure that when someone searches your name on google, your articles and your images should pop-up !

Once people see that you have been published by various online websites, they develop more faith in your talent.

How can NewIndianModels help ?

NewIndianModels has been into digital marketing for over a decade and has promoted various aspiring models, professional models and celebrities.

Try searching for Maushmi Udeshi
Deana Dia
Gopika Kalra
Surbhi Pandit

We have dozens of such examples. So if you want us to promote you digitally – please have a look here – Digital Marketing for Artists

Maushmi Udeshi

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