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TSG Making waves in the industry

Lifestyle 18/04/2008

An Indian business house, TSG International is all set to introduce the highly appreciated luxury international fashion brands in India .The famous French and Italian brands, Alberta Ferretti and Jean-Paul Gaultier are expected to enter the Indian markets in March 2008. Their collection of latest attire and other accessories would be retailed through two standalone boutiques and flagship stores in New Delhi and Bangalore. TSG also plans to get the elite Italian designer brand “Moschino” to India by 2009.

The future plan of TSG includes the launch of three more international designer labels and standalone boutiques of the already introduced brands all over the Indian sub-continent in 2009.The Murjani group, which is headquartered in New York, has been instrumental in developing and launching some of the most well recognised international designer lifestyle brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Gloria Vanderbilt. The Group will focus primarily on creating at multi-brand platform in India. Tommy Hilfiger, the first super-luxury brand to be launched in India in 2004, has since spread across the country with about 200 licensed retail outlets. The group plans to have a strong portfolio of major international brands, to address diverse market segments, including luxury, premium and specialty brands. World renowned Indian fashion buyer Pradeep Hirani is also reported to have initiated talks with the internationally sought after Roberto Cavalli in terms of the possibility of the brand’s retailing in India.. Cavalli is worshipped by fashionistas around the world. These developments are definitely going to set the trend for the day and very soon India would be rubbing shoulders with Europe in the fashion business.

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