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Things To Do At Home During Self Isolation

Health & Beauty 18/03/2020

In this time of corona virus, all of us are advised to stay inside and not travel for some time. Self-quarantine and self isolation are the need of the hour  and social distancing is mandatory which means we must not mingle with others and spend maximum time inside our houses and only travel when absolutely necessary.  So if you are at home and have a considerable amount of time despite your work, then you must be wondering what to do these days. All of us, despite our nationalities and races are being advised to stay indoors and take the threat of this pandemic seriously. On one hand where we are hearing tragic news every hour, on the other we must stay positive and sane during this time.

Catch up on Me-time during self isolation

Things To Do At Home During Self Isolation

We live in a fast paced society that frowns upon the idea of doing nothing and relaxing. This is the reason we are not accustomed to spending time with just ourselves. Self isolation is your time to catch up on your reading or practicing self love and care. Pamper yourself with skincare routines or a nap and stay indoors at all times. Make the whole thing fun by investing in yourself right now.

Try to make Healthier Choices during self quarantine period

Things To Do At Home During Self Isolation

Even though there hasn’t been much information regarding what kind of diets we should be following right now but I think we should all be striving to make healthier choices at this time. It is okay if you ate a whole pack of chips but try to eat some fibrous foods too. Also staying home can reduce our physical activity significantly so try to walk and climb the stairs 2-3 times a day.

Binge-Watch something

Things To Do At Home During Self Isolation

Extroverts might find it hard to not go outside and interact with multiple people in person but there are many ways to keep ourselves entertained even at home during self isolation. Binge watch a show or watch feel good movies with your family to stay occupied. Netflix and other streaming services are God sent right now and our best friends. So stream away and be happy.

Spend Time With Family

Most of us spend our lives running after different things and usually forget what is actually important. Due to our busy schedules, we find it hard to give time to those who are closest to us. Therefore, we must use this time of self isolation to actually spend some quality time with our families. Those who live alone or far from their  families should use technology to talk to their families more often as this time is difficult for most but positive outlook and love is the only way to get through it.

Educate Others by spreading right information

Lastly, it is essential to spread right information and awareness at this time in the world. Elders are more prone to believing false WhatsApp forwards so please educate them and tell them to stop believing and spreading lies. There are simple precautions to be followed and there should not be any misinformation. Also make the lower classes aware of the precautions as they have less resources to get the information.



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