Tania Zaetta’s sex scandel

Bollywood 31/05/2008

Tania Zaetta’s Bollywood career is on hot water after claims have been made by the Indian press of her having sex with Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Two of the country’s biggest newspapers – the Times of India and Hindustan Times – picked up the story overnight. The Department of defense has apologized for the scandal and said it would investigate the leaking of the allegations, which were made in a briefing to defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon.

“It’s very serious. Sexual allegations even in this country are bad but over there, it’s abhorrent.
Her manager welcomed the Defence Department’s apology as a “first step”, and said legal action would help further vindicate” Zaetta.
Suing for defamation “We’ve briefed lawyers on this in terms of suing News Ltd for publishing defamatory allegations about her,” he said.

The scandal had already jeopardized some projects in India, Mr Markson said, but he would not elaborate about what those projects were.

He said he and Zaetta were trying to appease any concerns from directors and producers in India.”We’ll try and set their minds at rest, but the damage has been done.”Zaetta would not be conducting any more interviews, Mr Markson said.

The scandal was likely to harm Zaetta’s Bollywood prospects only in the short-term, said Raj Suri, an Australian-based photographer who has been involved with Bollywood for about eight years.Mr Suri’s brother, Sanjay, is also a Bollywood actor and producer.

“As a Western woman working in the Indian film industry, some mud might stick, but not to the extent that I think it would jeopardise everything,” Mr Suri said. However Defamation in whichever context and who ever it may be, it does hurt the person concerned.


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