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Step 1

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Step 2

Complete Step 1 first !

To add your profile on NewIndianModels.com, Click Add profile

If you have a professional portfolio, you can add your profile FREE !

If you do not have a professional portfolio, select “Aspiring Models” category.

Fill your details and attach few images. You can upload max 15 pictures of 1MB each.
Click “Continue”.

Step 3 ( if you do not have a professional portfolio)

Make an online payment of Rs.3000 + 18%GST using credit/debit card. These charges are to display your profile for one year on NewIndianModels.com. Also get Free access to modelling assignments section for one year.

Benefits for joining modelling

Benefits :

  • A dedicated webpage on NewIndianModels website for one year.
  • Best promotion and visibility through NewIndianModels website.
  • FREE Access to the work/assignments information section where you can see the latest casting calls/audition details and interact with the clients directly for one year.
  • Zero agency commission.
  • Your profile is emailed to 100s of companies through a monthly newsletter.
  • Facebook and Instagram promotion (for premium members only).

All the best !

Terms for adding your profile on NewIndianModels website

For FREE profiles under professional models category, we reserve the right to accept or reject any profile.

Refund Policy: we do not provide any refund or work guarantee.

Your pictures should not have any phone number, email or website mentioned on them.

The pictures should be as per applicable law of India otherwise your account will be deactivated/deleted with no refund.

Incase you have any issue with Registration/Login please contact us.

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