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Skin Care with water therapy

Health & Beauty 27/09/2008

Drinking water helps in reducing the sleep deprived, puffy look and those nasty eye bags you get. If you are not drinking at least a litre or two of water on waking up, chances are, no amount of make-up will hold you fresh throughout the day! Drinking water ensures that we stay hydrated and our skin really lives on water, believe it or not!

But only water therapy is not going to make your skin glow. Have plenty of essential nutrients soaked onto your skin by eating raw veggies and fruits. The antioxidants of vegetables like carrots, broccolis, tomatoes and cabbages really help reduce your wrinkles. Those who eat a large serving of low fat raw salad on a daily basis, experience less amount of tanning on exposure to the sun. They also have reduced chances of experiencing wrinkles in the long. Fiber rich fruits like mangoes and bananas also provide essential nourishment for your skin. Some of these skin foods are a must to have long-term youthful skin.

Many models and actresses swear by the hydrating as well as the youth preserving qualities of cucumbers. So make cucumbers a staple in your salads. Another hydrating nurturing food for the skin is the water and flesh of baby coconuts.

Coconut oil and the milk of baby coconuts are also natural moisturizers that fight wrinkles and help matured skin in an overall way. So make sure that you have all these essentials included in your diet in a healthy balance and glow youthfully all the way!

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