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Sivaji Movie review

Bollywood 01/10/2007

Normally, verdicts to movie reviews are given at the end of the review, but with ‘Sivaji The Boss’, one just has to be different. In a nutshell, the movie is superb.

Not just because of Shankar’s screenplay and slick effects – which is all there in skill and abundance. Not just because of how fantastic Superstar Rajnikant and Shriya look – which they do. Not just because of how amazing and beautiful the sets in the movie are, especially in the song sequences – which they are

But because of all of the above and most importantly – Superstar Rajinikanth’s super cool new look, with the same much-loved personality, the hilarious and whistle-worthy humour and punch-dialogues and “semmai” action sequences.

Yes, ‘Sivaji: The Boss’ is a must-watch. Rajinikanth is back with an explosive boom with this movie, which is far removed from the quieter ‘Chandramukhi’. He is everything you want and everything has hasn’t been before in this one film – the same super style, but done differently; the same super action, but executed with more super effects; the same good over evil tale, but one that’s an “athiraedee”!

The story is quite simple – the struggles of a man who has made his millions the hard way outside Indian and now wants to use it for the good of his people back home. Sivaji Arumugam is a poor man’s son who has come up from a very humble life. He has made a fortune in the USA and has now returned to India, to his homeland for good. Here, he wants to put his wealth to good use of the common man and bring about change through quality education, medical services and self-employment – by starting his own conglomerate that makes these happen. His budget is Rs. 200 crores and he proceeds to find out the very hard way, the molasses-like sluggish movement of government procedures and obstacles at every turn. He tries his best to do it the right way, but is thwarted everywhere. His constant companion Mama (Vivek) is the one true friend he has in these tough times.

Adiseshaiah (Suman), a man who he thought was a good man, is his most vile and backstabbing villain. He throws every heavy weight, from government servants severely bribed by him to violent goondas, at Sivaji, only to find that this docile man (dormant tiger?) withstands his assault splendidly.

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