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Sex after marriage

Lifestyle 23/08/2008

Who said your sex life needs an obituary after marriage? Jumpstart your passion motor and put your husband on notice: Nights are going to be different—more intimate and imaginative. We have some passion-inducing tips you could start trying tonight!

Heat sucks the tension right out of us. So before, you make love, wrap yourself in a towel straight out of the dryer and enjoy the thrilling, de-chilling effects.

With your fingertips, brush from the top of his legs down to his toes. This light touch will awaken all his senses.

Touching your husband in sexy ways outside the bedroom—a squeeze here, a massage there—will remind you both that the bustle of daily life can give way to the rustle of nighttime get-togethers.

Give him a foot massage, and make your way up his body. However, blindfold him first. The lack of sight will leave him aching for your touch, wondering what comes next.

Men associates scents of cinnamon and vanilla with love, so pop cinnamon rolls in the oven. Your house will smell fabulous; he will want to eat you up.

Play a seductive character from your favorite movie. Feel how she uses her body differently from you. He will notice, even if you do not tell him.

When you are apart, e-mail the first two sentences of a fantasy along with an instruction for him to send it back with the next two sentences added. Keep going back and forth with the game until you both come home.

Give him a shopping list for sexy foods such as asparagus, figs, and oysters. At the end, write ‘come back soon’.

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