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Low rate cards

Check this out 20/03/2008

Being prudent enough to have paid back all previous debts on time and having soaring credit goodwill always has its perks. Low interest rate credit cards are a plus side that good and elite customers get when they have a good clean record. Credit card companies generally offer their best deals and incentives to consumers who have excellent credit histories. Consumers with good credit can expect to get a low interest rate credit card with perks such as a 0% introductory offer and cash back or rewards points on your purchases.

CreditNet, is a provider of credit card resources, applications, company reviews, and more. This premier credit card resource site features discussion boards, live chat, peer-to-peer help, online resources, information about popular credit cards, credit card offers, bad credit repair services, credit alerts, company reviews. The available options for low interest rate credit cards can be found on it’s website consumers.creditnet.com/Credit_Cards/Good_Credit/

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