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RAP your way across

Check this out 19/03/2008

Rap is a form of music that is straight on the face. One needs to be ‘ugly’ to be a rapper. Today, it is one of the most celebrated forms of music and has mega stars from all across the world. Some of the top rap artists being Kayne West, Fat Joe and others. The Internet being one of the most used mediums today has information about virtually everything, rap definitely being one of them. So I you looking for infos on artists, albums concerts, the you should go to online rap music. This website will update you on news, views and reviews about artists and events. Rap music has suddenly seen a boom, with rappers sprouting from everywhere, specially the US.

This form of music has taken over the other forms such as rock and pop and currently all rappers are the most paid artists in the world. Rap is a not just the way one sings, it is a way of living, a way of style.

Every artist has a dedicated page and their discography includes pictures and concerts that they have been doing. Also on view are the various albums and the popularity they are making. This is indeed a very detailed website about the artists. So, if you are a budding rapper and someone who loves music, this website should be your mantra.

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