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Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood 06/10/2008

Life has never been this good for Priyanka Chopra. Two of her films Don and Krissh have gone on to become blockbusters, creating an sturdy place for Miss Piggy Chops in the annals of Bollywood. And although she might have received quite a lot of flak for her role in Salaam-e-Ishq , never-say-die Priyanka is raring to go… literally !

How does it feel to be the new powergirl of Bollywood?

It’s flattering but I have never thought of myself as the new ‘powergirl’ of Bollywood. I am thankful to God, my parents and all those who have worked with me, for their unconditional support and encouragement because of whom I have been able to make a mark somewhere . But I have a long way to go.

How much truth is there to the buzz that Hrithik is recommending you for roles?

I have not heard of any such thing.

What kind of roles challenge you?

As an actor, it’s easy to get typecast. I would love to and have by the grace of God, been able to dabble in various genres. But I would love to do a period film.

But do you feel venturing into serious cinema would undermine your commercial success?

I’m open to doing all kinds of films. I have lots to learn before I get into serious cinema. I need to establish myself as a commercial actor before proving my mettle in serious cinema

How would you feel if you were to net a potential role from directors like Aparna Sen or Rituparno Ghosh?

I would love to work with them if the character is challenging enough and the story is interesting.

Do you see the success of a director before you ink a deal?

What matters is the script and the character. If I feel that the story is powerful enough, I would go for it. Even if a director offers me a movie with exactly five scenes or it’s a blink-and-miss role, I wouldn’t think twice before accepting it provided it’s something challenging and never been done before.

How about working with a debutant director?

It’s a subjective question. It would depend on a lot of factors like the script, characters, etc.

With Priyanka Chopra being considered the ‘it’ girl, would it be Priyanka the action girl or Priyanka the romantic actor?

I do not want to pigeon-hole myself into any cinematic frame. I would like to be known as Priyanka the actor; as someone who can play any role with ease.

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