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Playing golf is an addiction

Check this out 24/06/2008

Playing golf is an addiction to many. The joy of hiting the ball and seeing it fly away is tremendous. There is somthing different I would like to tell you about golf today. Apart from being a fantastic game, its dangerous too. Each weekend Golfers wander the country side hitting golf balls in an erratic manner. What most Golfers don’t know, or have never thought about is that if the erratic shot was to hit someone or someone’s property their own household insurance will not cover them for damages. This leaves them open to huge financial risk. A company called golfcare has seen the gap in the market created by that risk. According to their site over 12400 people are injured each year and millions of pounds of golf equipment are stolen. Golfcare offer golf insurance against such an event. Golf Care has developed a range of golf buggy insurance policies to suit the requirements of golfers who own their own personal golf buggy.

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