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Plastic surgery down there

Check this out 27/03/2008

A labiaplasty operation will essentially cut and reshape any extended inner vaginal tissue. This operation, like all incision-based surgeries, will create a certain amount of scarring. This scarring can, in some cases, reduce sexual stimulation- but the effects are usually minimal. The great place to get it done is through Dr. Miklos / Moore. They are internationally renowned surgeons in Atlanta and have performed labia reduction surgery and laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery in 46 states and 23 countries.

Over the past few years cosmetic surgery has grown in popularity. By using surgery the body can be altered to improve the balance and look of the body. The newest trend in plastic surgery for US women is vaginal reconstruction. There is no shame about wanting to go through cosmetic surgery on your vagina. It is all a natural desire to build up a better self-esteem. This labia reduction surgery technique is essentially a way to beautify the vagina. Surgically tightening the vagina makes sex much more pleasing to both partners, and also defies aging. Labiaplasty seeks to fix any protruding inner-vaginal labia from sticking outside of the vagina.

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