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Ogling — lust or romance

Lifestyle 28/08/2008

Dictionary defines “to ogle” as “to cast flirtiest glances” or “to try to attract by giving enticing looks”. One can differentiate between this practice and” leering “, which is “to look with a sidelong glance, indicative especially of sexual desire or sly and malicious intent”. These definitions have undergone a change because of the changing standards of decorum and morals. Long ago, society drained out most of the lust, malice and stupidity from amorous eye-balling.

Today, the game has become purely romantic. Perhaps, it derives its support and strength from Shakespeare’s heroine sending fair speechless messages to her lover. In fact, we have been refining the art of ogling for years before Shakespeare. The history goes back to the time when man first beheld and understood the importance of female anatomy.

Both enjoyed the game because it is mutually flaming, flattering and, above all, pretending. In private: off the record. Instead of puzzling over this development, we should shrug and think why not enjoy it.

Poetry: Lord Byron has given as sweet and melodious expression as;” She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies.” Could he have done it if he had not had peekaboo at the pubs of his time! Perhaps the big poetry lord was not off the mark. Because, even today, we see beer bars all over the country, displaying ample-bosomed beauties who invite drinkers to ogle—repeatedly.

A romance of a lifetime may begin with a pair of hands accidentally touching in an office or bus. Quite often, it does with two pairs of eyes caressing one another, and falling in love. Ogling conquers.

Women enjoy ogling, too. Moreover, may be they have been enjoying it all along. It all began to make sense. Ogling is not a dangerous deviance that men invented to subordinate or harass the fairer sex. Rather, it is human impulse shared by both the sexes, issuing from the mating impulse. Why should women buy these prettying products if they were so dead set against direct perusals of their valleys and mountains? They actually enjoy male attention.

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