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Miss India Puja Gupta

Bollywood 29/05/2007

Priyanka chopra crowns Puja Gupta the new Miss India Universe.
The Miss India Universe 2007, Puja Gupta will represent India in the Miss Universe competition this year. Puja is from Delhi and possesses a talented personality. Extrovert and outspoken Pooja is a girl of 22 and she is beautiful and smart.

Puja Gupta Miss India Universe

What are your interests and what do you enjoy doing the most?
I love writing, practicing yoga, horseback riding, and spending time with loved ones and friends.

What is your career ambition?
My career ambition is to be a successful communicator; someone who can positively affect others through written or spoken mediums; someone who solves problems and contributes towards social development.

Describe where you were raised and what your childhood was like.
I was born and brought up in India, New Delhi. Being the youngest one in my family and the apple of my father’s eye, I led a very protected life because of the huge age difference between me and my siblings; I was the fortunate pampered child. My father passed away when I was sixteen years old. My mother was devastated by my father’s loss and that’s when I learned how to be independent and I learnt how to not only look after me but also my mother.

What do you want the judges to know about you?
My name is Puja Gupta. I believe all kinds of hard work in life is a stepping stone toward success; if you work with a dogged determination nothing is impossible. While practicing yoga for 3 years, I have learned that life is so much more beautiful and meaningful than one could imagine. Being the youngest one in my family, I realize how fortunate life has been for me. I have asked myself what I want to do now that I have a loving family and sufficient opportunity. I always wanted to be a writer, travel, meet people, find out what they desire and what they lack, get to know them, get to know their beautiful cultures and stay with them. When we open our eyes in this beautiful world, it’s God who decided where we are born and where we will die, the rest is our journey, our efforts to meet people, make our own family. I am on my own journey to make the whole universe my family and touch their hearts that when I die through life’s impact I can leave a message to cherish this beautiful universe and everything about it. Life is too short, and you only have one life, so enjoy it to the fullest and make sure you learn from your mistakes.

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