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Love your partner

Check this out 16/06/2008

It’s a fact of life that nearly half of all American marriages end in divorce. In Canada, it’s over a third of all marriages. In some European countries, divorce rates actually exceed fifty percent! For a society that generally considers marriage the pinnacle of adult relationships and the foundation for a family, these aren’t statistics to be proud of. Have you given up on love in a marriage gone stale? Are you yelling the words ” save my marriage ” ! If your marriage is just falling apart, do not just give up and hope for the best and then end up getting into custody battles and who gets the house or who gets the car or who gets the dog, that is just unnecessary and it can be useless at the end because you will feel you do not need a separation, just maybe a mediator or a counselor to help you out. Whether you’re married, engaged, or single and looking, Ellen Kreidman’s 7-step guide shows you how to have a love affair with the man of your choice for the rest of your life.

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