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Kolkata Fashion

Lifestyle 09/06/2008

Its seems kolkata is almost ready to walk the ramp… the fashion scene here becomes hotter and hotter everyday, with international designer labels like ‘Marks and Spencer’ , ‘Next’, ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ battling with our very own Indian brands.

Our city based Indian designers are not to be underestimated… Competition becomes worse, Ritu Kumar., Komal Sood, Sabyasachi, Mona Pali, and others all charging the industry with their designing brushes, creating art through fabric, silhouettes etc…
Fashion shows, models, hoardings, page 3…. Is it really kolkata??? Unbelievable huh!!!
All of a sudden it feels as if Kolkata is jumping with some new life. Where some years ago “happy faces” could be mostly spotted under some neon light , now with malls like south city, forum, city centre etc coming up , kolkata is quite the “metropolitan”.

These malls are such places which cater to most daily needs of an individual, and as time is progressing I have this weird feeling that maslow is somehow being interpreted in a very different way. Wants and needs of an ordinary man in kolkata is changing so rapidly, people want more, and therefore they are served, and arrangements are always being made speedily for the second serving.

The whole concept about the basic needs are changing, it’s now anything but just basic. But the question which still lingers in my head….
Its always nice to see your city decorated with new things, but will these decorations last long, or is it temporal. While kolkata progresses with fashion, international cuisines, malls etc, does it still hold hands with its old traditions, or is it that kolkata will now become kolkata and not be Calcutta anymore?

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One Response to “Kolkata Fashion”

  1. Palash Lahiri on 24/05/2009 @ 9:49 pm


    I am Palash Lahiri from kolkata. , 30 years old. However, actually I am searching fine arts painting part time model work.
    If you want any guys paint for your painting purpose exhibition, I can ready. If you interested, please tell me your rules and payment structure.

    I am awaiting your reply.

    Palash Lahiri
    [email protected]

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