Kingdom of Dreams Auditions

Casting Calls 04/05/2011

Kingdom of dreams, as you might be aware, is a luxury entertainment destination that hosts theatrical musicals. Our first venture Zangoora – the Gypsy Prince, Starring : Hussain Kuwajerwala and Gauhar Khan has been running to packed houses since September 2010…

After the success of Zangoora, we are now planning to launch a couple of musicals by the end of this year and are currently casting for one of those…
We are looking for young boys and girls who would want to take up acting as a profession, for the following characters –

Bhola is a simple young man around 26 years of age with a dream of becoming a singer, Kishore Kumar being the idol of his life. This however is only a dream as Bhola is stuck in a client servicing job at an Ad agency. His ambitions are disapproved by his father and he feels his talent, though questionable in reality, is being wasted. Like any other boy he is fun when friends are around but gets tongue tied in front of the girl he likes in office.

Around 24 – 25 years of age, Meena is a simple girl, from a well-to-do family, working in the client servicing department at an Ad Agency and satisfied with it. She strives to do well at her job but is not overtly ambitious. She has a lot of friends and is one of the smarter girls in office liked by all. She is fascinated by singers, loves watching them on television and does a little bit of singing herself and is infact, good at it.

Ali is a 25-27 years old charming and good-looking boy who gives tough competition to Bhola in the reality show by winning the hearts of both judges and audiences with his fabulous performances.

Other than these we are also looking for someone who could play the male and female anchor of the reality show that will be showed in the musical.

Basically Bhola needs to be cute looking, Meena needs to be simple but pretty and Ali to be charming.

Delhi auditions are to be held on 6th May and Mumbai auditions on the 10th May.

We plan to open our next musical at the Kingdom of Dreams in October 2011, however, owing to the large scale of this production we will require five months of rehearsals starting Mid-May.

So to say, 5 months of rehearsal and 1 year of shows is the time commitment we are looking at…
During this period the actors will be paid a monthly salary which will be defined by the character they are playing…

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