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Health & Beauty 30/03/2014

You must be in awe to see Rekha with her beautiful skin at such an age. Skin care is very important, and it is not just for the rich and the famous. Whether at 30 or approaching 90 a woman would be always vain to keep herself looking young. So what are the basic tips to keep your skin looking young and radiant minus the wrinkles? Lets face it ladies, we shall all have wrinkles and fine lines or ravages done to our skin with the passage of time. However we can obviously reduce the impact of cell degeneration to keep it tight and firm. The trick is keeping our cells vital and active so that it regenerates instead.

It is essential that we do the optimum to keep our cells hydrated with water, water and water. Drinking water to the plenty and banning smoking, alcohol and too much of caffeine will actually store water within our cells. Add to this plenty of moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin now and don’t think you need moisturizing at all, then think again! Dermatologists suggest light and oil free moisturizers for oily skin. Oily skins are in fact more exposed to dehydrants in the form of the anti-acne or scar combating products they use. Make sure that your moisturizer or skin care products are free of alcohol as they would only cause greater depletion of essential water from your skin.

Also it is smart enough to start using light anti-wrinkle or fine-line protector creams from 25 onwards. No matter how old you are, always use an under-eye cream. The eye contour area is the fastest to age being the thinnest skin of our body. Use a regulated and gentle amount of eye contour gel that is not too heavy and stay young for keeps!

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