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Lifestyle 28/08/2008

“I’d much rather be… Forever in blue jeans…” crooned Neil Diamond. Indeed, what is it about jeans that makes us go weak in the knees? They are a complete classic item of clothing, that have survived the test of time, have been brought out in different colours, different cuts, even the brands are endless- Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler, Spykar, Newport, etc. It has always been in fashion be it 70s, 80s or the new generation. There are even non-branded jeans for those with a pinch in the pocket.

Jeans can be paired with anything. A slightly straight fit can be worn with a pretty kurti, and accessorized with earrings and maybe a bead necklace. Slightly faded jeans with a white shirt remains the eternal wardrobe classic- representing the look of the student, the advertising executive, the Marketing manager, and countless others. Indeed, it is said that a wardrobe without a pair of jeans and a white shirt is incomplete. Jeans can also be worn with pretty tops or T-shirts. Men can wear a T-shirt or a shirt- either will look great.

There are many different cuts of jeans- the bootcut, the straight fit, the skinny fit, etc. For casual outings, the straight fit is preferred. For parties and occasions, most women like to go with their skinny jeans and high heels, a jazzy top, and good jewelery.

One can even get creative with old jeans- snip off the bottom, add a line of beads, some snazzy glitter- and voila! You have a brand new pair of jeans!
Most fashionable people prefer to wear sneakers with jeans, but there are many who like to wear sandals, some girls even going for snazzy slippers or heeled shoes.
Indeed, we would much rather be- forever in blue jeans!

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