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Lifestyle 17/09/2008

India is known for its old and exquisite tradition, the enthralling stories it has to say about its past and its traditions. This gives way to the source of rich culture of art, which has found its place in many things one of it being the much glamorous Indian fashion.

Here we have tried to place in front of you in a cliché how Indian fashion is making its way in the international market not only through its origins, that is Indian customers but it is being widely appreciated by American as well as other non Indian people.

Indian fashion designers such as Ritu Beri, Raghuvendra Rathore, Rohit Bal, rocky s are some of the well known fashion designers of Indian origin whose creations are finding their places in the wardrobes of famous and renowned personalities such as Angelina Jolie. The material girl Madonna, has always been known to love Indian fashion whether it be through wearing a bindi in many of her shows and her famous video FROZEN.

The famous fashion designer Jean-paul Gaultier has been found using Indian fabrics and he has always found Indian and its culture as a source of his inspiration. Indian fabrics have been in the good books of the designers since quiet long due to its easy to handle characteristics and its level of comfortability.

Indian fashion as such is evolving in many ways and is succeeding in attracting foreign buyers from different parts of the world. Nowadays Indian fashion designers are getting opportunities to showcase their designs at international fashion shows, which in turn is helping to promote Indian fashion industry as well as its paving a way for the evolvement of international export.

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