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HTC phones a class apart

Check this out 24/09/2008

I saw the range of HTC Phones on a poster outside a mobile shop. Slick phones, actually… but here we’re talking about the HTC S740 … a class apart. Its design indicates a straight-cut image, seemingly designed for the true-blue corporate. It is in essence, a smart phone, indeed. It proudly belongs to the progressive range of HTC Sim Free Phones.
Using this phone is much like using your computer notebook with a slide-out keyboard very cleverly hidden until when put to use which makes typing so much more easier as compared to most other mobiles.

You can do the normal, text messages, writing documents emails and the IMs using this phone as easy as pie.

You can surf the internet at using a broadband connection or at the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot for your online pleasure. It even has a built-in RSS hub that helps you stay informed on the go, whether it be, the latest news, entertainment or specific content that you so desire.

In addition, to these features, it also has a 3.2-megapixel camera, and an additional slot in order to increase your storage capacity, if so deemed necessary.

So, all you corporate warlords can file up at an HTC outlet and take a closer look at the HTC S740 to satiate your communication needs. I am sure you will love it.

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