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Lifestyle 01/05/2009

When it comes to being absolutely flirty feminine the only shade that will hit the centre of the dart board is pink. So girls, don’t think beyond. Pink is not just girly but will in fact make you feel girly any time of your life and sweeten up your mood, no matter what. There is also nothing more chic than a wrap of pink around you at any given occasion. Whether it be a special occasion or just a casual date you can always rely on pink to be your best friend and confidante.

For example, for a more ornate reception you can hit the center of the party with a gorgeous carnation kurti or shirt and pajama ensemble. Going fusion with pink is rather easy as it is such an adoring colour that any style can adopt it. The top could be embellishes with vertical stripes or motifs that come from the neckline, piping the hemline. The designs are here everything that will increase the appeal of the dress. Handmade embroidery is very fashionable whether they be in your kurtis or in your dressy shirts in lesser details.

When you want a day ensemble the instead of opting for a fuschia or bright pink you might prefer a more subdued oyster pink or baby pink or even something of a paler pink. A pale pink chiffon shirt paired with casual blue jeans is extremely fashionable and sexy. You can pair a pale pink dupatta over a sleeveless kurti of a darker pink shade and team the whole thing with a pair of your favourite blue jeans. Make sure that the dupatta is of very light material. You want to create a veiled, feminine mystery and not overburden yourself!

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