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Horse racing

Check this out 28/01/2008

I will come right out and say it. I love horses. Specially the black ones … “Black beauties” ! 🙂
Have you ever watched the horse race. Its amazing. I love the way people bet on horses. I once read that in the early days of Hong Kong horse betting, there was a lot of money to be made, simply because so many of the retail bettors made their picks on the basis of numerology.

There are some people who want to bet on a horse racing but are clueless on where to start.
It just likes some other betting game where money is involved but this time it is about horses. Look at the jockey who’s riding the horse and the trainer of the horse. Make sure to pick the good trainer and then the good jockey who made more wins in the race. There are sections that say’s top trainers and top jockeys. It is important to choose the top jockeys and trainers because they are the one who takes care of the horse. The first thing you should be aware for is if the horses have already been successful in a competition on that distance or course. To recognize these horses, you should check at the right corner where the name is placed. You will notice a letter “C” if the horse has been successful in a race before. On the other hand, a letter “D” will be seen if the horse has already succeeded a race in the same distance. Sometimes you will see a “CD” meaning the horse has won a race at this course at the same distance. The horse you have selected would have a good run and hopefully would bring the buck for you with a good finish.

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