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Hindi movie Bombay To Bangkok

Bollywood 24/01/2008

CAST: Naseeruddin Shah, Shreyas Talpade, Lina Christensen, Vijay Maurya, Manmeet Singh, Jeneva Talwar, Yateen Karyekar
DIRECTOR: Nagesh Kukunoor
PRODUCER: Elahle Hiptoola, Rahul Puri
GENRE: Comedy

Nagesh Kukunoor is back to the genre he began his career with some light entertainers. Of course, Kukunoor’s expert execution of the material makes a difference and a few sequences are elated to the watch able level, but the overall impact is still missing. Bombay To Bangkok is a cute romantic story. For people who are in love and those who are yet to fall in love this a must watch movie.

The story revolves around Shankar ( Shreyas Talpade), a cook from Dharavi who is in desperate need of money. Shankar, a petty thief, in desperate need of money steals from the local Don and escapes his way into a team of Doctors heading for relief work to Bangkok but loses the all important money bag in the chaos. Shreyas Talpade is fabulous in the film. His character has all shades from a caring son to a confused love idiot to a fake doctor. Lena, the Thai babes, is equally important and her gorgeous looks and beauty are impeccable, but the dialogues and the expressions lack some connection in between them.

Vijay maurya is excellent and Yatin Karyekar is alright to the sense. Nasseruddin shah is there only for one scene, and this looks that as if Shah is a like a lucky Mascot for shreayas, as his presence makes shreyas feel that his film is well in bollywood race.

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