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Health records

Health & Beauty 19/02/2008

Have you ever visited your doctor and he/she couldn’t find your file? Have you ever wondered how well are your medical records are being kept by your doctor’s office? Many times these files are difficult to find and things get lost or missed filled by the doctor’s office. Just think what will happen to these important records if there is a fire or natural calamity. But, these can be easily avoided if doctors use EMR (Electronic Medical Records). So, using this many doctors are switching to ePriscribing.

What is ePriscribing ?

ePrescribing is the utilisation of electronic systems to facilitate and enhance the communication of a prescription, aiding the choice, administration or supply of a medicine through decision support and providing a robust audit trail for the entire medicines use process.

VirMedice is a leading EMR software consultant. They help physicians convert from a paper records management system to the latest in EMR electronic health records keeping.

Using EMR can reduce your (doctors) expense, risk and increase profits. Your medical practice can greatly gain from the appropriate kind of electronic medical record software. The efficiency of your practice improves. This is because the data is easier to maintain.
– Time consuming and long paperwork that add to your overhead expenses will be eliminated.

Electronic medical records software is quickly taking the place of paper documents these days. With the increasing acceptance of EMR by physicians, it is essential that they adopt a system that automates the entire billing process – starting from point-of-care through reimbursement by the payer. Information technology has provided the tools required to efficiently manage a practice.

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