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Govinda slaps

Bollywood 23/01/2008

Actor-politician Govinda became Bollywood’s angry young man for a moment when he slapped an intruder on the sets of a movie last week. The incident made headlines and drew sharp reactions from film personalities. This happened with a visitor, Santosh Rai, on the sets of ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’, this Wednesday. This has been causing quite a stir lately. The victim Santosh has demanded an apology from Govinda and threatened to drag him to court. He has also filed an FIR at Goregaon police station, accusing Govinda of “physical assault”. A case under Sec 323 has been registered against him. However, Govinda has no regrets for his action and pleas it as a case of self-defence saying that the man was misbehaving with the artists.

While actors like Raveena Tandon and Ravi Kishan say the star must have been provoked, Manoj Bajpai and Lillette Dubey feel one shouldn’t lose self-control.

The actor’s secretary Shashi Sinha told agencies that Govinda “was provoked by constant disturbance created by the visitor. The man was seated behind Govinda and would continuously hit the chair with his toes whenever the actor would sit down to take a break from the song sequence he was shooting”.

Raveena Tandon: I’ve worked with Govinda in several movies. He’s a terrific guy and a great co-star. He is also human. No matter how much in control you are, there’re times when your self-control just snaps when someone is distracting you on the sets. Some people think a set is a place of fun and frolic. They don’t know how much concentration a shot requires. Govinda must have been provoked. During all these years, he has never been known to lose his cool.

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