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Check this out 27/02/2008

Betting is a game that the rich and the famous want to play time and again. Whether you are a fashion designer, a popular model or an actor, everybody wants to be good at this game, not because there is money but because there is a certain rise in the social ladder if one is into ‘expensive betting’. is a website that given you the opportunity to put your with against a punter and not a bookmaker. It is a player-to-player betting site, which allow opportunities to all. Betfair’s is nothing but a forum that has a role in the setting up of the forum for these bets and their commission is about 3-5% of the winner’s profits. This is a very easy website to navigate and does not appear to be over cluttered. It has an extensive use of flash which gives it a smooth look.

A simple registration is required to bet online and once that is done, anybody can bet her. So if you are a model, who is highly into betting and you love this sport, go ahead and register without wasting much time. There are various types of betting like betting on games, sports, football matches, pokers and even betting on horses are allowed.

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