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Fruit and Fashion

Health & Beauty 12/09/2008

Countless people in India believe that nothing in life is more important than a dose of fashion which entered our lives at a blistering pace. Even though recent fashion chattel has maligned our cultural tastes, yet the urge to incorporate and experiment new trends seem unabated.

Of late an inevitable connection has been established between two different genres; one being an edible natural product unaltered by human notions-the fruit and the other being fashion-a constantly evolving process requiring unrestrained human adulteration. The connection though unique-shares a limelight, which preferably goes unnoticed.

Some people feel the way to a healthy body is a blend of juices. Little do they know that blends and over processed juices have high calories and less ascorbic acid-a vital need for the body. And some simply ape the models that they consider are an epitome of health and beauty. Switching over from a regular lunch to a fruit salad in the afternoon is a new mantra.
When it comes to clothes, fruity colors are ‘in’ this season. Hot orange, pinks, brilliant whites, and lime-green stand out among a crowd of black corporate suits.

A colorful array of cherry print dresses, pineapple topped shirts and kiwi print pants display a holiday mood. One can accessorize with a cut out cherry pendant or a watermelon-hooped earring to ‘mix n match’. To complete the look, fruit based red tinged sunglasses, fruit embellished sandals and an apple bag would be an ideal pick, complemented by fruity perfumes and cosmetics.
Trendy and chic this fashion statement will rule.

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