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Fashion slippers

Lifestyle 27/03/2008

It’s a part of everyone’s wardrobe now. Worn with long flowing skirts, jeans, shorts, even salwar kameez. We have realized the true value of the Osho slippers. Made of bamboo or cane, base fitted with a rubber sole, coloured straps and in some cases, cool embellishments like beads, cowries, seashells and even glitter – these are as high on the comfort level as they are on eye candy. Apart from looking and feeling good, the slippers, made of natural fibers are perfect for those who avoid leather products. However, it is advisable to only sport them while the sun shines. Water can easily spoil bamboo and cane, so splashing around in them in puddles is a bad idea. Osho chappals make for excellent beachwear though, as its light weight makes it very easy to walk on the sand.

The slippers were originally sold outside the Osho ashram in Pune’s Koregaon Park. A few young people discovered their feel-good comfort, and then everyone wanted a pair! Soon enough, some people realized the potential in the product, started manufacturing it on a mass scale (even introduced new designs, straps, embellishments, and variations for men) and now you can buy them for Rs. 70 a pair.

Osho chappals are perfect for dry sunny days when you don’t feel like wearing sandals, and cannot even consider wearing sneakers. They go with any look under the sun. As Priyanka Trivedi, aged 19, says, “They’re a godsend!”

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