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Fashion portfolio photography practice session

Services 23/08/2012

Again one of its kind by NewIndianModels – Fashion portfolio photography practice session for aspiring fashion photographers in Delhi. Going beyond camera operation. Practice real fashion/portfolio photography with proper studio, model and professional makeup and hair stylist and fashion stylist.

If you are a fashion photography student or enthusiast who wants to shoot some good creative concepts and practice fashion photography, we provide full facilities and guidance at a very affordable price. Each session is 4-6 hours long that would include proper studio, model and professional makeup and hair stylist and fashion stylist.

Eligibility criteria: You should have a professional DSLR kit and knowledge of shooting with studio lights and outdoors. The session will be to make you practice fashion/portfolio photography and not to teach camera operation.

Interested photographers can get in touch with Mr. Manish Khullar at 9818401068 (Delhi).
*Note: Fashion portfolio photography practice sessions are held at Delhi only at the moment.
* All the pictures clicked will be the property of our company and will be kept by us.

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