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Lifestyle 09/06/2008

Who would ever imagine that India would become the ultimate destination for the international fashion fraternity? Highly acclaimed top notches and aces of the fashion world who keep Paris, Milan, London and New York alive and the likes of whom have all the celebrities and the “who’s who” at their finger tips, have recently found a new eye candy. Yes, you’ve heard it right…they are all wooing India. Welcome to the new “brand India” that has caught everybody’s attention, including the fashion industry.Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Versace, Moschino, Alberta Ferretti , Jean Paul Gaultier .. you name it … and all of them have one common thing in their agenda – their all heading for India. Needless to say, the desi fashion freaks are delightfully going to make the most out of it, when they have all their favorite international labels right next door.

This June, Versace will open its first boutique in India, a store in the J.W Marriot Mumbai hotel in Juhu beach. The Italian high-end designer brand Versace is all set to tap the ladies wear segment in India in 2008 with the launch of its latest collection of jeans and accessories. The VJC (Versace Jeans Couture) and Gianni Versace (mainline collection for men and women accessories) would be available in Blues Clothing Company’s premium retail stores in Delhi in the year 2008.World’s greatest luxury brand Giorgio Armani is all set to open shop in India with four stores in Mumbai and Delhi, latest by mid 2009. The two brands to enter India will be Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. Gucci, world’s leading luxury goods maker, has already announced its entry into the Indian market through a tie up with the Murjani Group. Gucci will, for a start, set up boutiques in Mumbai and New Delhi in 2007. Globally, the Gucci brand, which is associated with handbags and watches, sells high-quality luxury goods through directly operated stores, franchises, boutiques, duty-free shops and departmental stores.

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