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To drink or not to drink

Check this out 30/05/2008

Many of you consider drinking as a mark of social status and a means to enjoy your evening. Its good, but remember, never mix drinking with driving. Driving here can be a car, bike, truck or even a boat. Every Year in Arizona Alcohol is directly related to fatal boating accidents. Many people enjoy boating with beer and other liquors for it’s fun, but boating operating under the influence of liquor is really bad as it causes so many fatalities due to accidents. 50% of all fatal boating accidents in Arizona were alcohol related in 2007 and 1/3 of all fatal boating accidents nationwide are alcohol related. You must check out this Boating Education Online to educate yourself to avoid further accidents. In the state of Arizona currently you do not have to have any kind of educational class to drive a boat, but you should always take a course before operating this type of machinery because people who are educated before boating are 70% less likely to be in a boating accident, that is a statistic that cannot be ignored.
Watch these Arizona Boating videos, they will help.

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