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Check this out 13/08/2008

Georgina always dreamt of being a professional model. It was not that she was healthy & was quite tall. She was very attractive indeed, so much so that she was heartthrob of her college. One day, I suggested that she get her portfolio prepared by a professional photographer & send them to the different model coordinators & the various modeling agencies in the market.
It was during the summer vacations that she came across a fashion magazine, which repeatedly stressed on the relevance of size zero figures in the modeling industry. Surely, Georgina did not have a size zero body. Now, she became adamant to reach this goal. She tried out everything. Whether it be undergoing rigorous exercises for about two- three hours everyday to maintaining a strict diet- she did it all. However, when she failed to achieve the target at the end of six months, she switched over to diet pills.

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