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Changing Faces of Bollywood Villains

Bollywood 11/09/2008

As Aryan had said in “Dhoom 2”, that it’s a man’s work and not his face that becomes his identity, today’s heroes seem to have taken this doctrine too seriously so that the are replacing the conventional GABBAR, MOGAMBO, and BAD MAN to make themselves popular as LANGDA TYAGI, ARYAN, KABEER and DON.

Gone are the days when villains were know for their over the top expressions. Today’s villains are sexy, stylish, educated and like to play the game with panache. They are no less than the heroes; or maybe more for Langda (Saif) Tyagi ruined Omkara and his family, Hrithik (Aryan) Roshan had the cake in the end and even Lallan Abhishek had his way by marrying his sweetheart and blackmailing the minister.

But it was King KHAN who set the trend, when he terrified Juhi Chawla in “DARR” and killed Shilpa Shetty in “BAAZIGAR”. Soon Big B followed suit with his inimitable performances in “AANKHEN” and “KAANTE”. More and more heroes experimented in this genre to break free from the “chocolate boy” image. Stunning performances by Suniel Shetty in “BAAZ- THE BIRD IN DANGER”, “KHEL”, and “MAIN HOON NA…”, Akshay Kumar in “AJNABEE” Akshaye Khanna in “HUMRAAZ” have regaled us. And finally the “KHALNAYAK” who helped us develop sympathy even for a “bhai” so that a “goonda” came to be known as a “social worker” and became a hero amongst the common man with the “MUNNA BHAI” series.

Love them for this or hate them, you just cannot ignore them.

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