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Check this out 16/04/2008

There’s a new site where you can conveniently get prepaid phone cards. We all love to keep in touch or just have a chat on Phone with our loved ones or relatives world wide, but what makes it very difficult is the rates and the quality of the communication between you and your loved once. Buying a online phone card is now just as easy as purchasing any other item online. The RichCom makes the buying and choosing of prepaid phone card easier for customers and provides you with the list of countries along with the call cards rates helping you all to search for the best rate phone card for calling international. So, if you are planning to call India just buy their India phone card. The Process is very simple just simply choose the country and click “Get Phone Cards”. The advantages of using prepaid phone cards is the cost and very affordable too. At therichcom website they have listed all the best seller of prepaid phone card for the customer convenience. They even have a monthly special going on where you are rewarded with cash and not points. They have a new and exciting cash back reward program that rewards you money! Get rewarded for every dollar you spend with buying an online phone card.


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