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Check this out 08/02/2008

Whenever there is a fashion event, controlling traffic is a major problem. Fashion celebrities require special protection and are given exclusive access to certain roads. These roads are blocked for other people using Bollards.

A bollard is a short vertical post typically used to control or direct road traffic. Bollards are rigid posts that can be arranged in a line to close a road or path to vehicles above a certain width.

Bollards are very helpful when it comes to security and managing traffic or access control. They act as lightweight barriers that can be removed easily. Trafficguard is one of the companies that make bollards. Visibility is the most critical safety issue. They specialize in steel tube bollards and steel pipe bollards for a variety of uses, including car park barriers. They specialize in manufacturing premium collapsible, parking, and fold-down bollards, so shop online at for all of your traffic control and parking needs. Bollard height, color, reflective labels, and pavement markings can all help to make your installation more visible.

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