FMD 426

Delhi Aspiring Females 16/11/2011

Model Code: FMD-426 Height: 5’4″ Weight: 47 Kg Vitals: 32-26-35 Complexion: Fair Passport: Yes City: Delhi

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FMD 425

Delhi Aspiring Females 09/11/2011

Model Code: FMD-425 Height: 5’5″ Weight: 45 Kg. Vitals: 32-26-34 Complexion: Wheatish Passport: Yes Areas of interest: Print ads, Movies, TV serials, TV commercials, Music videos, Ramp City: Delhi Experience: Print Shoots: International jewelry Shoot ( Paris ) for web site ( three times ) Ballerina Jewelry Shoot Designer Shoot for Suchi Vc Nash Fashion […]

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FMD 397

Delhi Aspiring Females 21/10/2011

Model Code:FMD-397 Height: 5’4″ Weight: 70 Kgs Vital Statistics: 36-32-40 Complexion: Wheatish Colour of Eyes: Dark brown Colour of Hair: Black City: Delhi

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FMD 411

Delhi Aspiring Females 17/10/2011

Model Code: FMD 411 Ht. : 5’4″ Wt.: 46 Kgs Vitals: 32-28-34″ Complexion: Wheatish Colour of Eyes: Dark Brown Colour of Hair: Dark Brown City- jaipur / Delhi Passport: No Experience: Done print shoots for Sangini Sarees, Utsav sarees, wrangler Ramp show, TVC for Jhalak detergent, Pigeon etc.

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FMD 413

Delhi Aspiring Females 27/09/2011

Model Code: FMD-413 Ht.: 5’6″ Wt.: 49 kgs Vitals: 34-26-34 City: Delhi Passport: Yes Interested in : print ads, movies, TV commercials, music videos and ramp shows. Experience: Brunch cover page, Ramp for JD institute, HT city print shoots, stock shoots, garment shoots for exporters

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FMD 386

Delhi Aspiring Females 07/06/2011

Model Code: FMD 386 Height: 5’4″ Weight: 49kg Vital Statistics: 34-26-34 Complexion: Fair Colour of Eyes: Deep Brown Colour of Hair: Dark Brown Passport : No City: Delhi Areas of interest: Print ads, Movies, TV serials, TV commercials, Music videos Work Profile: Brittania 50-50 biscuits Tv commercial advertisement Tata venture Tvc and print ad Various […]

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Simer Motiani

Delhi Aspiring Females, Mumbai Professional Females 14/05/2011

Simer Motiani is a beauty that impresses in just one meeting. She is considered amoung India’s Top commercial models. She looks awesome in traditional and western wear. She is one of the most elegant and attractive personality with a voluptuous figure which sets her apart from other models. This stunning and good looking girl admires […]

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Shikha Kain

Delhi Aspiring Females 12/05/2011

Shikha Kain is an upcoming Indian female model with hopes to shoot for Satya Paul one day. This dove eyed beauty is very easy to work with and understands the industry very well. Shikha is pursuing Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications from Delhi. Her biggest asset is her confidence and her role model is […]

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FMD 309

Delhi Aspiring Females 17/12/2010

Model: FMD 309 Date of Birth: 24th Oct. 1990 Height: 5′5″ Weight: 50 Kg Vitals: 32-26-34 inches City: Delhi Passport: No This female model from Delhi is interested in doing print ads, tv serials, tc commercials, ramp shows and reality shows. She has already worked as an artist in reconstruction part of Sansani for Star […]

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FMD 303

Delhi Aspiring Females 12/07/2010

Model : FMD 303 Age: 15th June 1988 (21 yrs) Ht: 5′6″ Wt: 45Kg Vitals: 32-26-35 inches City: Delhi She loves : Traveling, Listening to music and shopping Areas of interest: Print ads, movies, TV serials, TV commercials, music videos, Ramp Experience : She was Finalist for Fairone Miss Delhi 2010. Has done ramp shows […]

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Aenna Saxena

Delhi Aspiring Females 06/07/2010

Aenna Saxena is a Delhi based aspiring model. This upcoming model has started her journey from a sweet and simple girl to a model and may be a super model in the coming years. She was born in Delhi and did her schooling from Lady Irwin School, Delhi. She has completed her graduation from Delhi […]

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Jyoti Sharma

Delhi Aspiring Females 29/04/2010

Launching a new model Jyoti Sharma from Delhi/Noida. She is entering the modeling industry with a hope to fly with Kingfisher or alike as an air hostess. Jyoti Sharma is a hardworking girl and wants to leave no stone unturned to become a super model. We wish all the best and success to her. Model […]

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Shivani Sen

Delhi Aspiring Females 27/06/2009

[singlepic id=189 w=320 h=240 mode=web20 float=left] Let me introduce you to this rising star named Shivani Sen. A true beauty to fit any jewellery or ethnic shoot. Shivani Sen started her modeling career from Hyderabad where she did quite a few print ads, TV ads, anchoring, corporate presentations etc. Not satisfied with just these assignments […]

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