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Lifestyle 19/09/2008

The word black for some means, mystery and for some it appears to be unlucky, but nowadays this colour no longer is regarded as the colour of the unfortunate soul, but of fashion. Look through your wardrobe you will find at least one black dress.

For fashionable people black dresses are a must in their wardrobes. These black dresses most of the time rescues people when they get confused about what to wear in any occasion. Black dresses can be worn in every occasion by everyone; it goes with every complexion and with every personality.

The colour black seems to be in everyone’s favorite list since it does wonders. The stylists usually advice the buyers or their clients to wear black clothes if they are not blessed with a perfect physic. This colour veils the extra flab thus making a person carry her or him out with confidence. According to colour therapy the colour black gives confidence and can make the person concerned feel good if he is messed up regarding something. As such this colour in the form of dresses affects the state of mind.

This colour finds its place in the colour palette of many designers while designing dresses, since it is regarded as a colour of glamour.
Black dresses have been a hit with celebrities too. This colour is connected with some genres of music such as rock and death or black metal. As such music lovers seem to be one of the biggest appreciators of this colour, specifically dresses.

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