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Bathroom fashion

Check this out 14/02/2008

Ok lets have a look how you can make your bathroom a bit fashionable and stylish. In order to achieve a professional and attractive look, be sure to take your time during the planning and preparation stages. You might like to visit glasstilestore.com for some ideas. The website is awesome with easy navigation and lots and lots of bathroom tiles to choose from.

The smallest room in your home will undoubtedly require the largest number of professionals to remodel. A plumber, tiler, electrician, flooring installer, painter and cabinet installer will be called on to transform your bathroom—unless you’re terribly talented, handy, and patient. When considering bathroom accessories it is wise to consider your bathroom style, design, patterns, etc. Decorating a master bathroom may benefit from fringed rugs, towel display, monogram towels, potpourri, decorative soap, and dish, bath oils, etc. Get creative, put a glass bathroom tile on the floor with ceramic tiles around it. There are so many variety of colors and shapes you can choose your glass tiles from. If you like the country style you can add a few baskets, picket fence accessories, rod-pocket shower curtains, etc. Add a couple of tiebacks to the curtain, preferably braided ties and you are off to a country setting.

There are many styles of bath sinks to choose from today. You’re not limited to the standard white porcelain bowl. Your options are many, including glass, marble, granite or ceramic free-standing bowls to molded Corian and faux marble. The faucets on the sinks will serve as the jewelry for the room and should be chosen with great care. The ideal lighting can also help to add interest to your decorating theme. bathrooms are more practical with recessed lighting as lights. Look for lighting that is unique and intriguing or funky to round out the Eclectic decorating style design style.

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