Ancient Indian Fashion

Lifestyle 17/12/2023

India has had a rich tradition of culture as well as fashion. Every fold and corner of the book of history of fashion in India is filled with sparkling facts and surprising lavishness. Cotton clothing dominated the fashion arena of women’s as well as men’s clothing. The women had begun draping saris over their bodies since as early as the Aryan period.

This was the common fashion statement of Indian women. Wealthier and royal class women wore silk. The traditional way of wearing a sari is followed to this day, with only very small variations. The power of this fashion element is evident as the western world lies smitten by it. Not only was a sari a woman’s pride, but it was also the epitome of decency and conservative fashion that Indian populace was famed for.

This elegant piece of clothing has today travelled and conquered the world. Today, as Indian and foreign designers play with the look and style of Indian clothing and apparel, the sari remains the same. Such is the impact of the sari in ancient Indian fashion scenario that even today the western world reveres it more than its own style of clothing.

Nowadays, with the influence of the western culture onto the Indian fashion scene, the sari has lost its popularity. Though not as much worn by the youth today, the traditional ceremonies host a plethora of such traditional outfits. And the sight of the most powerful and vivacious fashion element of ancient India is only to be seen to be believed!

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