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Air gun

Check this out 29/01/2008

An air gun is a pneumatic gun which shoots projectiles by using compressed air or other high pressure gas as a propellant. Modern air guns are usually low-powered because of safety reasons and legal limitations. They can drive a pellet beyond 330 m/s, approx. the speed of sound. Most low-powered air guns can be securely fired in a garden also. In some countries, it is illegal to use them in residential areas. Air guns can be highly accurate and are used in the Olympic Games.

Air pistols are a Cool Toy for Pre-teens and Adults alike. When I was 15 yrs old I wanted a gun. It was a fashion by then to own one. To get a licence for a real gun was difficult and having a real gun was dangerous, so I settled for an air gun. Some people have it and used it for animal hunting or killing rabbits and fox, but I used to practice target shooting. If you are looking for one, try They offer top quality air guns that are perfect for target practice, plinking, hunting and games. Even better, they are constantly adding new stock to their online store, so you need to drop by often. Another one of the great resources that Airgun Depot provides are videos of selected airguns being reviewed. This is a great advantage over simply reading about an airgun….you can see it in use, complete with commentary from the reviewer!

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