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Abhishek rapping again!

Bollywood 01/08/2008

We all have seen how Abhishek Bachchan created magic with his hip hop dance number in his 2005 movie ‘Bluffmaster’. The magic created was a combination of Abhsihek Bachchan and American rapper Wyclef Jean, and they have come together again for another number “Hollywood meets Bollywood”. The sound track will be a tribute to Hindi cinema and also to Abhishek’s father Amitabh Bachchan , the legendary actor.

In this latest number, Abhishek has sang “Main yahan ka desi don” and “Khai ke banarsi paan” which meant actually to senior Bachchan in his 1978 hit movie ‘Don’. Famous music director Adash Shrivatsava has been given the task of composing music for this new album. In India the album is set to release in May. Aadesh is heard saying that when Jean and he were discussing about a hip hop in Hindi by an Indian star is needed for the album; it was Jean who named Abhishek and they both agreed to the decision. Since Abhishek Bachchan was shooting for Karan Johar’s movie ‘Dostana’ in Miami, Aadesh and Jean flew there for recording.. The lyric for Abhishek in the song goes like this: “Wyclef, Aadesh come on rock this party shake shake. Main yahan ka desi don sang mere ga re. India hamari shaan. Khai ke banarsi paan sang mere tu ga re”. The recording took place in a recording studio located in one of the posh hotels in Miami. Aadesh has recorded many songs with Amitji, but this was the first time when Aadesh recorded junior Bachchan.

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