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4 Tips for Becoming A Model And Breaking Into The Modeling Industry

Modelling 26/10/2019

Modelling agencies suggest the following tips to get into modelling industry.
Below you will find few tips that are usually suggested by modelling agencies for you to get your career started in modelling.

Though people have hype and glamour in their appearance, still hard work helps them to get into the profession of the modelling industry. It is intense and complicated to achieve in the modelling industry, but few of them who succeed in such a field, they will get huge rewards for sure. Modelling is a business and, to achieve in this field as a model, you may require dedication, work and persistence. There is no easy way to make it big but following these four steps will surely put you ahead of the game;

Self Assessment:

The first step is to do spend some quality time in searching. You should first decide on what type of modelling you want to do like runway, glamour, fitness, print, commercial and plus size etc. Many agencies and publications specialise in a particular type of modelling, so you should search the different agencies specialised on your kind of industry and choose the best one among many. After choosing them, you can send your portfolio through the email account or contact them for further details.

Join Modelling Websites:

There are many modelling websites available, where you can create your profile and apply for modelling jobs. Few websites help you to join the discussion groups to chat with different models and photographers to get some ideas. You can also find modelling work through such websites. This is such a great way to gain exposure and get your face in front of a massive amount of people. Try to create your profiles in the major modelling platforms like NewIndianModels.

Build a suitable portfolio:

This is a crucial step to attract the photographers and the modelling agencies. Any agency you apply, they will need your portfolio. Setting up quality headshots will help them see you. Ensure that photos are taken with proper makeup and hairstyling. Modelling agencies should able to see your face clearly along with your posing and expressions.  It is crucial that you are not overdoing your make-up, as it will be hard for an agency to see your original beauty. Discussing with professional photographers on a modelling community website will make it clear for you to create a nice portfolio.

Mail your photos into Major Magazines:

Find some good magazines where you think your look will fit in well and mail your pictures to them. Make sure you are sending it to the right person with the position/title like Photo editor, featured editor or research editor. It is essential to stay calm when you get rejected. Don’t get upset with it and, try again and again until you succeed.

Socialise and open-up:

Some of the successful actors started as models like John Abraham, Arjun Rampal, Deepika Padukone, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Dia Mirza and Bipasha Basu etc.
There is one thing common in all of them apart from their looks and talent. They knew how to make friends, socialise with people of the industry and were very open minded. Leave the shyness behind and jump into it !

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